Listen in if you want to get ideas for your own digital product launch as I break down the steps needed to get to the over $100,000 launch.
Have I ever told you the story about my first ever 6 figure launch.  Over $100k in 25 hours – WOW I was so giddy like a champagne bottle popping to the stratosphere in happiness.

I’d love to see the same for you!

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Well hello there, welcome to episode four. In today’s episode, this is going to be so exciting of the I am Possible radio show. We’re going to talk about … Have I ever told you the story about my first six figure launch. We’re talking bringing in over one hundred thousand dollars in 25 hours. Yes you heard right, in 25 hours.

So, listen in if you want to learn how to or get ideas for your own product launch. No matter what business you’re in, you’re going to absolutely love this. Remember I always love to start my podcast episodes with this, the famous quote from Audrey Hepburn, “Impossible stands for I am possible.” That’s what this podcast is all about and we’re here to uplift you because as JFK says, “As the tide comes in, all ships rise.”

All right, let’s get back to the story. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about it, if I’ve ever told you about it, but it relates to step six of the Fast Track for Social Media Methodology. My blueprint here is mindset. Step six of the process is mindset. Step one is strategy. These are the things you need to do to be successful online, the things you need to have, kind of the step by step methodology. You need a strategy. You need to do an offer. You need a sales page. You need traffic. Number five, you need to deliver an amazing experience and I’ll detail that in… Actually, I have detailed that in episode three. Number six, you have to have the right mindset. I think the best way to kind of reveal this to you, because we all hear all these wonderful things about mindset, whether you have Anthony Robbins, Tony Robbins as your coach or other mindset coaches, it’s so powerful that I feel that telling you a story works best.

So what happened is that I set this goal that I wanted to do this six figure launch. What is was with… It wasn’t with a thousand dollar or a five thousand dollar product. Believe it or not, it was with an entry level seventeen dollar product.

So here’s the three things that I did in this launch. One I defined the goal. What I wanted to make and it was six figures. I was like I want to be the first woman on this warrior marketing forum to do over six figures in a launch. No one had ever done it before, male or female actually, and it’s a marketing forum, over 300,000 people in it. When I mean no one has ever done it before, I mean with a seventeen dollar information product, like an under hundred dollar price point.

So what I did first is I defined the goal, what I wanted the goal to be. Then number two, once I had what the goal was, who I needed to make it happen. I needed to have affiliate partners to help promote this. Did I need to give a sexy bribery type offer to get affiliates to promote it? Because at that time, Facebook ads didn’t exist. Let me repeat that. Facebook ads did not exist at that time. Instagram didn’t exist, so there was no thing to have this huge social media following that you could tap into and convert your tribe into sales dollars for you.

What this was all about is… Marketing forums was where the traffic was. So, what did I need to do to convince affiliates to promote my stuff over the plethora of other offers out there? What I decided to do is kind of go after their egos because at that time it was mostly male affiliates, I’m just saying about that time. Now thank gosh, there’s so many amazing female entrepreneurs out there that are absolutely crushing it online.

Here’s the thing. What I did was I decided to give away my 1967 red mustang. That’s right. You heard right, a 1967 red mustang. So that’s worth a pretty penny and what the heck, this isn’t a thousand dollar prize you’re giving away. You’re giving away a top dog prize, a red mustang to your top affiliate, so obviously I better sure as heck have a six figure goal and I better sure as heck have a follow up system in place to make even more than six figures after to pay for everything that’s going to happen in this product launch.

So I’ll talk about that in another episode where the fortune is in the follow-up. Once of my famous courses is called the back end boo-yah system. I’ll talk a little bit about that, give it away for free on the episode what that means to you to basically get paid for every dollar that you’re investing out there to multiply that, whether it be two times, three times even ten times throughout the year. So that’s really important.

Let me come back to the three tips, things that I did in this story to make a six figure launch. One define the goal. Number two, determine who or what I needed to make that goal and number three, I visualized it. That’s why this is all about mindset. What I did is that… Okay, I’m giving away this 1967 mustang, so I had a nice picture of my 1967 red mustang and what I did is I put that into a word document. It might have been Power Point at the time, I can’t remember and one top of it, I said, “The $100,000 Launch.” Then I put underneath the picture… So imagine this, you have the picture there in the middle of the red mustang. At the top in black font, I had “The $100,000 Launch.” Then right underneath the red car was the actual date. The date I was launching it. I forget what it was. It might have been on my birthday, May 17th.

So what I did then is I printed that out. I sent it off to an Office Depot type store and I laminated it and I put that by my mirror. Then I actually, that same image, that same picture, I actually made like a grid. Six of them on one page… It might have been four and I printed those out and laminated it so they were almost like wallet size cards. I carried one in my wallet. I put one right by my monitor. I put a magnetic thing and put it on my fridge. Basically it was everywhere I looked and saw for like two months prior to that launch. I was looking at the red car. I was looking at The $100,000 Launch and I was looking at the date of the launch.

So subconsciously… It’s all proven. If you’ve ever listened to Tony Robbins, he talks about the reticular activating system. What that means, it’s RAS, it’s in your brain. What it is is like have you ever noticed say you go out and buy a car. Say you buy a yellow car. Have you ever noticed that after you buy your yellow car, even though before you bought it, you didn’t really see too many of those yellow Volkswagen bugs cars or whatever. All of sudden, you ever notice, after you buy that yellow car, it’s everywhere. Same thing whatever else you might buy, like maybe you go out and buy some Beats, pink Beats wireless headphones. Then have you ever noticed when you go out to the gym or somewhere else, everyone’s got these rose gold Beats, headphones. That’s the reticular activating system at play. How Tony Robbins also describes it is that whatever you focus your eyes and vision on, that at a subconscious level and at a neural pathway level as well, your brain’s gonna try to figure out how to get it.

So the worst thing you can do and Tony Robbins gives this example, maybe this story will help explain it best, that if you’re driving your car and you’re about to go around a curve, like a steep curve in the road, if you’re focusing on, “Oh my God, don’t hit that tree. Don’t hit that tree.” Meaning you might slide off the road into the tree. That would be the worst thing you could possibly ever do because you’re activating your reticular activating system in your brain. Basically telling it to actually go hit that darn tree. Have you ever sometimes done that? “Oh don’t do this, don’t do that. Oh, I hope I don’t drop this.” Have you ever have sometimes happen then it does, so you need to flip the switch in your brain to focus on what you want, all right?

Obviously if you’re driving a nice, sexy, fast, red sports car or something and going around the curve, you want to focus on, “Oh I’m going to make this curve ever so deliciously and it’s going to feel so good.” You’re going to envision yourself doing that.

Another aspect of the reticular activating system is basically in the sports analogy. A lot of people use this in sports, playing basketball. There’s a research study that’s been done and they took a group of basketball players. One group they said, “Don’t practice for a solid week, but in your mind, I want you to practice shooting the ball into the hoop, every single day. Make that a habit. Just practice that in your mind. Visualizing yourself do that. The other group actually went on to the basketball court and they actually physically did it. They would practice shooting the ball through the hoop. Can you guess after that one week period? Then the test comes. That day when they’re both on the basketball court for reals and physically they’re asked to shoot the ball through the hoops. Guess which group had the best results? It may surprise you but its the group that visually, mentally practiced it in their mind.

So that’s how powerful this is. Can’t stress it enough. It’ll make or break your success in life and your happiness in life. No matter whether you’re talking relationships or making money or your health.

So let’s go back to my story about my first six figure launch. I had those three steps in place. I defined the goal. Number two, who I needed or what I needed to make it successful and three, I visualized it.

Now, there’s a lot more steps obviously that go into a six figure launch, but that was the summation of it. Now, let me tell you the numbers because I think that will be interesting, if you want to hear it. Is that it was a… Because this relates to step two, offer, in my Fast Track for Social Media Methodology, you’ve got to have an offer in place. So, when I defined the goal and who I needed to make it happen, what it was was a seventeen dollar information product. It was basically called the Ultimate Mobile Challenge because at that time people were just starting to use their mobile devices, their I phones, their Android devices. People started to realize, “Oh my gosh, my website is not mobile optimized.” I kind of capitalized on a trend that there would be a lot of people who needed to figure out how to mobile optimize their website. I happened to have a skill set in teaching other people how to consult local businesses and have them pay them money to make money basically mobile optimizing their sites.

So what I did is, it was a seventeen dollar Ultimate Mobile Challenge. The affiliates that I recruited, everyone knew because I almost created the experience. I created this experience around all these affiliates and we’re talking major affiliates. I don’t know if you know these names, but we had Mario Brown. We had Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos of Rapid Crush. We had Darren Monroe, and we had many other amazing internet marketers that then were attracted to not only promote it, but now their egos were in play.

Their egos were in play of who’s going to win it. I remember Kevin Rogers promoted it. Willie Crawford promoted it and forgive me if I’m forgetting your name if you’re listening to this but it basically became fun and I kind of did a, almost how a movie trailer comes out. I did some little teasers to those key players about, “Will you win the mustang?” I even created a little campaign of “Who stole my mustang?” pretending that “Oh my gosh, someone might have stole…”

I remember Kevin in Japan was teasing, saying, “Hey maybe that mustang’s there.” I encouraged them to actually send me back videos of “I think I know where your mustang is Maria.” I know this is crazy because what does this have to do with selling an information product? What does this have to do with making six figures on your first product launch? Or maybe you want to make seven figures on your product launch.

What it has to do is that it created an experience and that’s step five from my methodology. It created an experience and a fun thing around recruiting affiliates because think about this, how many times do people that do have listen and audience and a following, how many times are they getting bombarded with people who say, “Hey please promote my product. Can you please promote my product? I’ll give you 50% commissions.”?

Here’s the other thing that I did. I gave away 100% commissions. What? Say what? So that’s like paying a hundred thousand dollars in paid traffic and you didn’t get any money back. You’re just getting someone on your email list who bought from you $17.00 dollar product. Well guess what? It’s worth it because I had a one time offer after they bought the $17.00 dollar product. Bang the minute they buy it, they get on the next page, something else for $37.00 dollars.

During the Ultimate Mobile Challenge, then I strategically had a software for sale where I would get individuals on a webinar who were in the challenge who had some small success. Maybe they’d already gotten a $500 check or a $1000 check, getting a local business, so results in advance. In those five days of that challenge… Actually it was more than five days, at that time it was 10 days. Keep in mind if I were doing a challenge today in 2019, I’d make it a three day challenge because back then not as many people were having challenges so you could do a five or ten day challenge.

What happened on this webinar then where I’m actually promoting, guess what? Software that made it even easier for them to develop a mobile optimized website. I forget at this time how much that software was, whether it was $97.00 dollars or $500.00 dollars, but basically to sum it up, not only in 25 hours did the entire launch bring in over one hundred thousand dollars, and I was the first female to ever do that in this marketing forum for under a hundred dollar product. What also happened that within a two month period after that list I built because over 1500 people had signed up for this challenge. That list that I built had produced well over, are you ready for this? Half a million dollars in sales.

Now, for the software promotion, it wasn’t my software. It was someone else who I strategically aligned with because that software made sense for the people that were going through the Ultimate Mobile Challenge to make it even easier for them to develop and sell their consulting services to local businesses or to any kind of marketer that needs… any business that needed a website. Basically, I got 50% profits. As an example, we made well over a hundred thousand dollars on one webinar selling that product so guess what? Half of that, 50%, $50,000 commission.

That’s how I structured a lot of my launches. Not only do you make money on the stuff you’re selling, but you’re also looking at what makes sense strategically and that you know, like and trust the other’s person’s software.

Another example would be I had an Ultimate Facebook Challenge, where… And the reason I’m bringing this up, I’m just giving you ideas for your own business. I had a Facebook challenge where I was selling my How to Create a Facebook Fan Page, all that stuff. At that time, Facebook was just coming to be really big and getting used and known. I think it was like 2011, so it wasn’t now like 2019. I would do probably an Instagram challenge now if I were to do one because Instagram’s the hot thing right now or a video challenge.

At any rate, back then Facebook business pages were new. A lot of businesses need it. You could easily go out and charge $500-$1000 bucks to many businesses to do so there were a lot to people that were getting that as a foot in the door to get a business consulting client and then making even more money. I remember one student making $80,000 dollars in the ten days or 14 days of that challenge. It was just crazy! What happened, what was really effective is that I was then selling through actually Rapid Crush Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos’ company, they were selling for $97 dollars, they were selling a Facebook business page creator software. A really cool software at the time. Almost everyone who went through that challenge wanted to buy it, so you can imagine that. The conversion rate was huge.

At that time, a lot more people paid attention and would get on your webinars. The attendance rate on the webinars was well over 50% so we had I think it was like, 2,000 people sign up for that challenge. It was crazy. We were blowing up GoToWebinar. We literally, not enough people could get on the live webinars during the challenge. They couldn’t get on. Over 1,000 people tried to get on. You only have a 1,000 people capacity to get on the webinars, but regardless of that, we had over… It was crazy. 50% of the people buying this $97 dollar software.

Further to that, within 45 days of that challenge then I had an up sell of a three thousand dollar coaching package and a two thousand dollar workshop, where for two days, they could come to a workshop where I’ll actually help them with their videos and then their presence to have confidence on video and to create a unique selling proposition on their video.

I kind of went off on a lot of different ideas for you for the experience challenges and I want to come back to mindset. Now, all of this was done because I did those three things around the mindset. I defined the goal because that’s part of mindset. If you don’t know where you’re going then you’re just going to pick any road and you’re not going to get anywhere. You’ve got to define what your goal is. You’ve got to visualize that. From that step two, who or what do you need to make that goal successful. Step three, the most important, activate your reticular activating system and visualize it.

Those are the three key things. Write that down if you want. I guarantee it’s going to get you results and help you no matter where you’re at right now in your business. I encourage you if you got value out of this, I encourage you to head on over to Again that’s Go ahead and sign up for my absolutely free Ultimate Personal Branding Blueprint that works for today, 2019. Additionally if you got value out of this, go ahead and subscribe to this particular podcast. Leave a review. Do me a huge favor, leave a review. I’d really love that. Having said all that, I really hope you got value out of this. Wishing you love and light and remember Audrey Hepburn’s quote, “Impossible stands for I am possible.” You are great. Talk to you later.