In the first episode of the I am Possible Radio, Maria shares why she believes it is possible for you to earn a ridiculous amount of money, live the successful life, and leave a positive mark on the world without losing your sanity or integrity.

Maria shows you how you can live this kind of epic life by following simple principles. Using two stories to illustrate her point, Maria demonstrates how everyday people can empower their mindset with the right mindset to reach the life of their dreams.

Specifically, in this episode, Maria covers:
• Her nephew’s story of building a profitable business from a home video
• Maria’s accidental $100K mistake in added revenue
• A simple method for getting more revenue of your current business idea

Key Points
[1:09] Podcast Introduction: Why Maria started the podcast
[3:11] The Accidental College Entrepreneur: Maria shares how her nephew transitioned from shoveling snow for beer money to building a profitable business
[10:00] The $100,000 Mistake: Maria shares her big mistake that could have led to $100,000 in
her business
[13:31} Value Ladders: Maria shares a simple tactic for increasing the value (and revenue) of your business
[15:00] Positive Entrepreneurial Mindset: Maria shares why a positive mindset is key to getting the money of your dreams

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