Who is Maria Gudelis?

Lover of travel, fun, people and butter pecan ice cream!  Proud to be a Canadian and Western MBA grad.

She first did the “corporate stint” after university…working for Fortune 500s such as Price Waterhouse, Computer Sciences Corp., Deloitte and Touche specializing in business process consulting and SAP.

Then…it happened.  The taste of entrepreneurship in a huge real way (outside of being that 12 year old paper girl trudging through the snow to make at that time in the 70s…ten cent tips!)

She started an online hosting company in the year 2000 to take advantage of this ‘thing called the Internet”. 

The company served small to medium sized business in California after successfully raising $1.5 million of venture capital from a strategic hardware partner in Silicon Valley.  Since then

Her past “super cool stuff” includes being co-founder of Wildhorse Performance Marketing, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalist, raised millions for her and others software companies,   and for the last decade helping over 25,000 people create online marketing strategy and execution plans that create PROFITs with PURPOSE.

The passion right now?

Maria is working with one of the world’s leading Facebook Advertising Agencies as Director of Strategy.

Her ‘side stealth project’ involves a book about ‘resilience’ that chronicles the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

Let’s get social shall we?

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She’s “the gal who’s helped more entrepreneurs succeed with her famous Margeting Action Plan Blueprints than anyone else in the industry.”

Are You My Next Success Story?

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